How to import data?

If you have a customer database, it can be uploaded to Spin CRM Companies and Contacts. The database must meet the upload requirements, then the system will render properly and the import will be successful.

The file to import must be in XLSX format – up to 10,000 lines recommended.

What data can you import into Spin CRM?

You can import data about your customers, companies, leads, sales information, products information, and sales data into the Spin CRM system. When importing all data into an XLSX file, you need to know which fields are requird for import:

Required fields:
Companies: Name;
Leads: First name or Company name;
Contacts: First Name, Last Name;
Comments: Text, Company name or/and Contact First Name, Last Name and/or Deal name;
Deals: Planned date of sale and company name;
Prekės: Name, Code, Category;

How to upload file, ready for import?

If you have import ready file, here’s how to upload it:

  1. Go to System settings.
  2. Select import data.
  3. In opened window select which type of data you want to import (companies, contacts, leads, etc.).
  4. Click on Add file and select file with data ready for import.
  5. Spin CRM after processing data, you will be asked to select which fields are equivalent to system fields.
  6. Click Import
  7. Patikrinkite ar duomenys atvaizduojami teisingai;
  8. Importuokite duomenis paspaudami mygtuką – Importuoti;

After you’re done, in Import history you will see whether import was succesful or not.