What is lead conversion?

Lead qualification is first major step in sales. When you add lead to your lead list you probably don’t know what that lead wants and needs. That’s why you keep everything in Leads until you will know more about lead’s needs. At that moment when you feel you know lead enough to begin your sales process, you need to convert lead to deal and at the same time to company and contact.

We recommend that you convert lead. so that you do not have to enter the same data a second time when transferring lead to deal.

Converting lead to company, contact and deal

When you feel that you’re ready to make a sale, convert lead with one click to:

  • Company
  • Contact
  • Deal

You can choose what you want to convert :

  • Convert lead to company/contact, without creating deal. This means that everything you have in lead will transfer to newly created company/contact card. You will be able to create deal later.
  • Convert lead to company/contact with deal. This means that when you click convert to contact, company/contact card will be created and additionally deal will be created too. While converting, you can add deal name and chose deal stage. If you have not entered deal name, Spin CRM will generate deal name for you.