Document categories

To make it easier to find the document you want. You can categorize all your documents.

How to add and edit document categories

1.Open Documents window;
2.At the top left, press the settings button and select Category management;

3.In this window you can edit the document categories. To add a new category, click New Category;

4.Select the parent category (if it is a subcategory), enter the desired category name and click Save;

5.To edit an existing category, press the edit button to the right of the category in the list of categories. When you have finished making your changes, click Save. To delete a category, click Delete in this window;

6.To change the order of the categories, select the category you want to move and left-click on the category to move it to the desired location.

NOTE! You can also press + to the right of the category to add a new subcategory.