Sales Management System

How much you will
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Spin CRM features

Sales management

It's easier to manage your sales - manage sales processes and track sales. You can adjust sales processes according to the company's sales process or processes. You can have several sales processes - and not just one!

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Activities and goals

Watch the goals of your company and team members. The ability to individually determine the goals of each team member to help assess the achievements of the goals and compare them with other team members.

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Email integration

Spin CRM sales management system allows you to fully synchronize your e-mail with CRM system or linking emails using BCC and CC. The system allows you to specify email rights management to indicate which letters you share with team members and which will be seen only by you.

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Sales reports

Visual reports with data tables will allow you not only to monitor the real sales situation, but also the achievements of team members. From now on, you and your team members will no longer need to prepare reports by hand and waste time.

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Import and export

The Import and Export tool allows you to migrate data to or from the Spin CRM system even faster and easier. Withe the of API Key you can import large amounts of data.

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With the help of integration, Spin CRM system capabilities not only extend, but also make your work easier. The ability to use the tools and features of different developers in one environment.

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