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    Spin CRM facilitates the collection and qualification of incoming requests

    Main channels from which queries come to Spin CRM:

    • WEB form on your website;
    • Facebook page;
    • VoIP (IP telephony) calls;
    • Email;
    • Import from other sources (Excel, etc.);

    Do you want to make targeted requests to your employees? If so, take advantage of CRM, which will display all incoming requests in real time. You can later qualify and convert them to a company, contact, and deal.

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    Spin CRM simplifies the collection of contacts and information about them

    Few of the key capabilities of a CRM system to help you store information are these:

    • Communication with customer history;
    • Past and current sales are always visible;
    • All appointments, calls, and other communication history are visible;
    • VoIP integration;
    • Email communication history;
    • Avoids duplicate data;

    It has never been so easy to find everything you need in one place. You can filter and track information at any time and how you want. CRM system is applicable to all types and volumes of business. Whether you're a startup or a business veteran, getting contacts and information will be a lot easier and more rewarding for you.

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    Spin CRM helps you effectively track sales processes

    You will be able to more easily track the overall sales process and deals one by one:

    • Visibility of the product / service “traveling” in sales pipeline;
    • How many sales has "traveled" from the first stage to the last;
    • How long it takes for each sale to move to other stage of pipeline;
    • Average, total sales duration;
    • Ability to track and analyze reasons for failed sales.

    Do you have a lot of sales, but some of the customers just "run away" at some point in the sales process? The CRM program can help uncover the secrets of these "disappearances" and discover the root causes of failure.

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    Spin CRM - successful sales management

    By managing your sales processes with Spin CRM you will be able to:

    • Monitor what stage you are in with your customer in a particular sale;
    • Plan sales-related tasks and delegate them to colleagues;
    • Monitor sales communication and information flow;
    • Generate invoices, offers, contracts and other documents required for sale;

    Want to give your customer detailed, sales-related information? Price and other necessary information of goods or services you’re selling will be pasted into the invoice sent to the customer.


    Are you creating and sending commercial offers to your clients? It takes more than a minute of your precious time to prepare your offer? Whatever your commercial offer looks like, it'll be ready in just a few seconds.

    Contracts and other documents

    Every time you sell, you have to edit the contract or prepare huge amount of other sales-related documents? Create all your documents easier than ever. All you have to do is place the template of the document you need in Spin CRM.

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    Spin CRM improves stock and warehouse management

    Easier stock and warehouse management with abilities:

    • See the actual quantities of goods sold;
    • Manage stock balance at a specific warehouse and location;
    • Generate BAR codes for each item;
    • Manage orders for suppliers;
    • Reserve stock of goods.

    Warehouse management system will help to optimize internal processes and save your employees time on routine sales management.

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    Spin CRM provides real-time reports

    Want to keep track of what's going on in your company's internal processes right here, right now? Spin CRM will allow you to see all the necessary information in your reports:

    • Employee activity;
    • How well you achieve your goals (KPI);
    • Sales results;
    • Sales forecast;
    • Change in sales;
    • Call summary;
    • Profitability;

    Want custom or more detailed reports? Spin CRM can transfer data to Power BI or Qlik Sense.

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    Spin CRM has flexible integration capabilities

    For your convenience, Spin CRM can be integrated with various systems. Such as:

    • Google Calendar;
    • Google Mail (GMail);
    • Office 365;
    • VoIP integration wih “Tele2 mobilioji stotelė”,, etc.;
    • Power BI, Qlick Sence and Qlick View;
    •, and other similar websites;
    • Integration with your accounting software;

    With its extensive capabilities and flexibility, the system can be integrated via the API with other systems you need.

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Try Spin CRM for free now and see the benefits of a CRM system.