How to prepare data for import?

You can only import XLSX file format. In order for the information to be rendered correctly in the system and the import to be successful, the file must be prepared to meet the system requirements.

How to structure the table correctly?

The first row of the table must contain the data names. After uploading the file to the system, the user must specify which columns match the data names in the system. Therefore, it doesn’t matter that the uploaded file will misspell the column name. After you have linked the columns, click Save.


  • The first line of a column cannot contain empty values;
  • If your file contains redundant columns, you may not import them at the time of import, without having to delete them from the file;
  • If the file contains more than one page, the system will only take data from the first one;
  • During import, the system checks for duplication of data in the system; if the data is duplicated with the system, records will be updated;
  • If you do not see the Import Data button, you do not have the appropriate privileges. In this case, contact your administrator.